WSPR Tracker

Good news!

This site is slowly getting archived in favor of our new wider-community effort at Traquito.

Head over to our new site at Traquito to check out the $14 WSPR tracker, realtime maps/graphs, and other great resources!

Multiple revisions of this tracker have been made.  Revision 5 as of the time of writing.

Carries 3 major components:

Transmits WSPR on 20m, 14,097,200Hz.

Half-wave dipole length: 33ft

Custom firmware and PCB layout.

Fabricated at JLC PCB for very thin PCBs.

Headers designed to be removed (cut off) after configuration so lighter for flight.

~5,000 mile max range.

5.5 grams with headers removed, no batteries/solar, no on/off switch.

You can find source code and PCB designs here:

You can see the testing/calibration and user guide I put together for the tracker here:

Here is a mostly populated PCB.  A few optional components left off for this particular flight.

Here is a guide showing how to populate the board.

Thanks to very thin PCBs the weight of the tracker can be materially reduced.

Holding the PCB up to the light shows just how thin it is.

Here you can see that removing the headers saves 2.5 grams.