Reflow Toaster

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This page is about the basic construction of a reflow oven (toaster) used for making the tracker PCBs.

In short I bought the Rocket Scream "Tiny Reflow Controller V2" device from (here) and put it and all supporting power and wiring into an enclosure.

However I'm not sure I'd recommend the controller as it's buggy and I had to actually re-program it to fix a number of issues.

The device is an OLED screen driven by a PCB it's mounted on.

Here's the front and back of the completed housing and toaster.

Basically turn on the toaster to full heat all the time, and plug it into the back of the toaster controller.

The toaster controller computer will vary power and sense the current heat inside the toaster.

This allows zero modifications to the toaster and all logic to be contained within the controller.

 Being able to switch mains AC power requires a relay, and I used a solid state relay for this.

It is controllable by a 5v TTL signal, which is what is output by the toaster controller board.

I wired it up so that an outlet-like plug is exposed for the toaster to plug into.

Here's an image of the internals of the controller.

Basically I hid all the power components and the controller PCB inside.

I routed control buttons to the top of the enclosure.

The OLED screen was mounted externally.

The thermocouple was also routed externally into the toaster.

Final result, with a nice lamp for visiblity.